The average price of oil in the State of Connecticut

The prices quoted here are current home heating oil prices for the week of November 10, 2008. The numbers reflected here are for the average price of oil in the 7 counties averaged together to develop a state wide average. To make an informed decision on what you personally are paying for oil you should go to the information in your specific county that will reflect better the delivered cost of home heating oil that you may expect.

The average price is 2.879 dollars per gallon this week. Factors that can affect your price are size of delivery. Density of the oil companies route, when they got there last bulk delivery and many other factors.

The highest reported price for the week is 3.49

The lowest oil price for the week was 2.489 and that was in New Haven county

With the concerns and publiciy about locked in oil contracts, below is a chart that shows what has happened to the price over the last two years.

Oil price information

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This site is set up with two main objectives to help find oil dealers in your area and be an educated consumer when selecting an oil dealer to buy from.

One of the most interesting parts to these charts is the green line shows the variation from the high and the low price. As the oil prices are more volitile the swing in price difference can go from a low of 62 cents to a high of a 1.81 dollars. Naturaly multiplying this variation times the size of your oil tank can equate to a lot of mony.

For county price information click on the links provided below.