The price of oil Middlesex County

The prices quoted here are current home heating oil prices for the week of November 10, 2008 in Middlesex county.

The average price is $2.9994 per gallon this week. Factors that can affect your price are size of delivery. Density of the oil companies route, when they got there last bulk delivery and many other factors.

The highest reported price for the week is $3.199

The lowest oil price for the week was $2.85and that was in Middlesex county

Charting the last four months oil prices can give you two benefits the general direction of heating oil going along with the price of crude is down and the spread between the high and the low price is still substantial so if you are being charged the high price you may want to question why and check the list of dealers that service Middlesex county to see if you can get a better deal

Chart of oi prices Middlsex county